Why Wayne Brady Smiles?  That’s easy, I smile a lot; so much that people have commented, “I recognized you because of your smile.”  Smiling doesn’t mean that I am free from pain and worries.  No, far from it.  I just don’t share most of them with the outside world.

I grew up around people who smiled a lot, people who made jokes, people who kidded, people who cared about each other, people who wanted to see others smile.  I may have been naive but I felt warmth from people who smiled at me and said encouraging things to me or said positive things about me.

By the same token, I became very insecure around people who seldom smiled, who always had something negative to say about others, or who complained about everything, often the complaint centering around me or what I had done.  I developed some deep insecure feelings and learned to try and overcome them by being more cruel than what I had received.  I became very good at being unkind but I was wrong.

It feels so good to me to receive a broad smile followed by kind words.  I figure that I am not alone.

I intend this blog to be a place that anyone reading it will receive a warm smile and encouraging words.

It will be a place where readers will be able to enjoy entertaining stories, some about real life events and others that are totally fiction.

It will be a place for me to share some spiritual truths based on Christian principals.

It will be a place as free from political opinion as I can make it although I can’t control what someone else may write.

It will be a place where you can contact me or be free to comment on the things I have written.

It will be a place where I will bare my soul in order to lift up my readers.

God Bless You and Happy Reading!

17 thoughts on “Welcome to My World, a Place to be Encouraged

    • Linda, I sent you an email but now I know how to reply here. Carolyn and her mother called your mother, Aunt Dot, on Monday. They had a wonderful time. Carolyn’s mother is doing better. Thank you for encouraging me.

  1. i smiled all the way thru the reading, you bring me smiles for being so good to you and carolyn i love the both of you very much and appreciate all you have done for me , especia;;y the smiles and laughs.

  2. Hey Wayne.. a very special way to end our evening with ” your post and a smile”!
    We love y’all 💞🙏 buchels 🤓💞 🙏

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