Have you ever thought you had something to say?  Do you believe your opinion is as important and right as the next person’s?  Are you a little apprehensive to share it?  Maybe at some point in your life you were belittled or your comments were dismissed as irrelevant.

I am not asking these questions in some money making scheme but to encourage you to speak up and reach out with your words.  You may believe that you don’t have the skills to share confidently but please let me assure you that you are better equipped than you may believe.  You have a lifetime of experience and have overcome most of the problems that you have encountered; often it may have been in the school of hard knocks.

Most often we learn by trial and error.  If we try something and fail the first time and give up then we do not learn but most of us are challenged when something we want resists our desire to achieve it.  It is those challenges that make us make us stronger and more determined to succeed.  I could share story after story from my own life where it would have been easy to give up and settle for something less than what I want, something less than God’s best for me but my head is just hard enough to resist attempts to stunt me when I really want something or if I really believe that I am right.

Please let me encourage you to open your heart and let out what is inside.  If you are apprehensive, ask me and I will share with you what I know.

I plan to share some thoughts and ideas from my limited inventory to encourage you to write; hopefully spark something inside you that will get your creative juices flowing.  Don’t expect miracles but honest advice from someone who earlier would not share anything except with a few close friends.

Please send comments or questions to me.

God Bless You and Have a Nice Day!

By Wayne Brady 7/18/2012

3 thoughts on “Have You Ever Wanted to Write?

  1. You are a dangerous man, Wayne Brady. Encouraging me to do something I have given up on. I have always been drawn to writing but afraid of being read.
    I started with the child’s diary with the key on a ribbon attached to the book. I continued with fancy blank books hidden in the closet. Then I progressed to plain spiral notebooks hidden in the bookshelves.
    I tried computer journals hidden behind passwords.
    Realizing I was crippling my writing with a fear of being read, I stopped. Not wanting to stand up to the hail of others opinions, I hid inside my own heart.
    Now you say “Write” It is like a call of the wild. You are a dangerous man and I thank you for it.

    • Linda, I can’t imagine you being timid. You exuded (I had to look that one up) confidence when I met you.

      Yeah, writing is not worth reading if it doesn’t reveal something from the heart, whether it is fiction or a real life story.

      Thank You for encouraging me!

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