A Christmas Lesson

Do you ever feel unworthy?  Do you ever wonder why God would Bless you?  Do you ever say to yourself, “I wouldn’t bless me if I were God?”

Take heart in a truth God revealed to me a few years ago and accept all of God’s Blessings as a Loved Child of His!

Years ago, I learned a valuable truth from a Christmas morning incident that a friend of the family shared with my dad.  Although I received the story second hand, it touched me deeply and opened my heart to a better understanding of my relationship with God.

The family had two sons who were in their late teens when they were blessed with the birth of a little girl.  The family loved this child very much and blessed her with as many things as they could afford.  Some would say they spoiled her.

One Christmas morning, our friend relaxed sipping coffee, delighting himself with the joy he saw in his young daughter’s eyes as she ran excitedly from one gift to another.  Suddenly, she stopped, pulled her new baby doll close to her heart and slowly surveyed the floor strewn with torn pieces of brightly colored wrapping paper and many wonderful toys.  She then crawled into her daddy’s lap, hugged him tightly and asked, “I wonder what Santa Claus would have brought me if I had been good?”

We all had a good laugh from the story but I later realized that God often treats us like that little girl.

I believe that he freely pours out his blessings on us because He wants to show us the unfettered love from a perfect Father.

I believe that God feels the same way about each and every one of us and that He thinks of us like what He said about David, “I have found . . . a man after mine own heart.” (Acts 13:22 KJV)

That is why I often say, “I have been blessed far beyond what I could have imagined,” and then follow that up with, “I wonder what God would have done for me if I had only been good?”

by Wayne Brady 12/21/2006

2 thoughts on “What would God do for me if I would be good?

    • I would love to be good Anita but all God requires of me is to Love Him. He gave me an earthly daddy to love who loved me in spite of my imperfections and then He revealed to me that He Loved me more than daddy and was even more forgiving. What He seems to want from me is time, which is why I write the things that I do; to give to others a little of what He has given to me.

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