The problem with seeking a partner for life is that you can spend all of the time you want interviewing and seeking answers to questions and the relevant ones won’t surface until years later. Think about all of the people you know who interviewed perfectly for jobs that turned out to be a terrible fit. Now I don’t have all of the answers but I do have a few pointers for you women who may be seeking a husband.

1. He must care more about others, especially you, than he does for himself.
2. Second, he must be motivated by something more spiritual than money.
3. He must not be lazy, he has to work with a desire to succeed, not money (see previous).
4. He must be willing to do things that you desire and not just want you to do the things he wants.
5. He must think you are beautiful because you are.
6. He must prefer you above all others.
7. You must rely on God in faith to provide that person He has picked out just for you.
8. And finally, no matter who God brings into your life, he won’t be perfect, there will be things about him that you won’t like (let him be himself and you be yourself and God will bring your relationship to perfection), and there will be days you will question if he is the right person after all.
9. Love him, encourage him, pray for him, honor him, challenge him when he is wrong (lovingly and never in public if at all possible).
10. There will be a lot of challenges and tests in life but the right person will build you up and be there through them all. The God ordained couple can withstand any trial.

God Bless You and don’t try too hard to guess what God will do for you because when you least expect it, You will turn and look into the eyes of your future.
by Wayne Brady 4/2/2013

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