On my very first post I mentioned how encouraged I get when someone smiles at me and wow I am encouraged. I run into a few people who scowl but most smile.

Consider a coworker years ago who always responded to my good morning greetings, “What’s so damn good about it?”

Although he became pleasant enough as the day went home, he found the negative in something more often than not.

Many of us have learned that it is of little value, if any, to be unpleasant.

Have you noticed that most people put out or post photos that show them in a happy mood? I know I tend to discard photos of unhappy people. I wonder if people who frown a lot are more camera shy.

We remember difficult times and some of the pain we endure but most of us don’t want to be identified with them forever.

I pray God’s Blessing on all who read this and that God reminds us of how much we have to be thankful for.

by Wayne Brady 4/11/2013

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