I believe that we should live as if today will be our last but we should plan as if we will live to be a hundred. Somewhere in between is reality.

One day, likely when we least expect it, God will give the nod to one of his angels, saying, “Go get Wayne Brady, tell him that I have prepared a home for him and that I want to have dinner with him.”

After I am seated at the table God will say something like, “I am so glad to see you Wayne, we have all been looking forward to you joining us. You have been a good and faithful servant and I am well pleased with you.”

Am I a good and faithful servant? No, but our Father says, “Yes!”

Do you understand this promise? Have you received it for yourself? If not, it is easy and free to all who ask. Simply give your heart to God, place your faith and trust in His son, Jesus. Believe that Jesus is who he said He is and ask Him to come in to your heart. Then you will be born again as a new person, clean throughout, with a new outlook and high expectations.

Will you be perfect? No, but in God’s eyes you will be.

Will victory be easy? Sometimes it will be really easy but other times it may be very difficult. Life will continue to try and weigh you down, but.

The neat thing about it is that God will always be with you, continuously encouraging you to do what is right. The easier we accept His guidance, the less pain we will feel. If we balk openly, He will have to be more stern with us. He will get our attention!

Welcome to my world.

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by Wayne Brady 4/12/2013

12 thoughts on “On Being a Christian

  1. I can tell by some of your comments that you may be a believer. I enjoy watching you and was then curious, so i turned to the internet to see what i could find. I know this isnt a reliable source but since i dont know you personally, its the closest thing i have. I just pray that what ive found is true and that you continue to be a light in your circle and try to continue to be a light to those outside of your circle as well.

    Be blessed.

  2. I heard you singing Mary Did You Know on Ellen yesterday and was brought to tears, you sang from your heart and you let God’s light shine through you. Bless you, and bless your children.

  3. My wife and I saw you on BYU TV, I decided to see what your religous prefference is. I read your commits to my wife and just wanted to let you know we feel the same about our load and savior. Your commit made us feel recharged, thank you.

  4. Hey Wayne I just wanted to thank you for being so open about Jesus!!! God bless both you and yours!

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