We are considering at what age we should say, “This is it. I don’t need to believe I can accomplish anything of value in life. Maybe it’s time for me to sit down and let others do for me.”

I know health affects us more and more as we get older and if we are bed-ridden or wheel chair bound our mobility limits our going and doing. If we find ourself in one of these situations we understand that we may not be able to go however, we still have some control over our own happiness. We still can encourage others. Even if those we love the most do not have time for us, we can repay kindness from those we are around with kindness.

If you are in your seventies, eighties, or older, still have most of your mental capacity, still have some physical mobility, and can communicate with others, you can make a tremendous difference in this world we live.

Let me tell you about Sister Lola. We only saw her once a year at a writer’s conference. She was in her late seventies when we met her, a widow of a Mississippi Pastor, and an encourager to Carolyn and me, always active, happy, and fun to be around. She taught piano several days a week and loved to write encouraging words for everyone she met. She remained active in both her mind and body.

Ms Lola passed away a couple of years ago but my mind often flashes a vivid picture of her beautiful face and warm smile just to remind me of someone who made a difference. Her excitement with life always revived in me a spirit of determination to go on and to be more like her.

One day and we don’t know when that day will be, we will take in our last breath on this earth. Until that day, love those who God brings into your life, forgive those who choose to abandon you, and make a difference wherever you are.

I plan to continue this series a little longer, I have a few more words of encouragement for you and I need to be reminded of how far God has brought me.

by Wayne Brady 3/21/2013

5 thoughts on “Encouragement for the Ages-Part Four

  1. Very true. We just need to get involved on our level of capability and contribute to society — at church, in our community, caring for others less fortunate, or as you said, we can simply be kind and “encourage” others. And if we make it a VERBAL commitment (whether to someone or alone), we’re much more likely to do what we should do. I’m reminded of a tee-shirt I saw a young adult wearing today — It said, “because I said I would.” I don’t know what that meant to him, but I sure know what it meant to me.

    Thank you, Wayne, for being the example and leading the way. ~~Anita

  2. Wayne, I really enjoy your writings. The U of A did a great job on you in this regard. Your encouraging words for seniors just hit the spot with me. Genie and I have been fortunate to have remained in excellent health. I started to say “so far” at the end of the last sentence, but due to Genie’s coaching and urging I’m starting to state things as”if they were” as the bible instructs us. You are what you say, read, and believe.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. I need to remember to tell the story of having a my first secretary (and the last) because one of the idiot bosses wanted her fired for incompetance and they wanted me to gather the information. They didn’t understand the mentality of this old Prichard boy. The lady blessed me so much and in turn I was able to help her. She encouraged me so much in my writing before I decided to take the challenge of a school curricullum. God has been so good to send the right people through my life at the right time. In this case two sorry individuals and one precious lady.

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