With politicians and others giving their view of what a Christian should be, may I have a turn?
Having lived nearly two-thirds of my life as a Christian, I have learned a few things.
First, when a person accepts Jesus Christ as savior, that person becomes a Christian.
Even as a Christian, it is impossible to live perfectly. Although we want to do God’s will, often we fail.
Worse yet, occasionally we completely ignore God’s teachings.
We go to church, listen to preaching, read the Bible, pray and open our hearts to receive from God.
We are taught to take care of our own and to treat others kindly.
We become devoted spouses, better fathers, more loving mothers, responsible children, helpful neighbors and honest business associates.
We seek forgiveness as we learn to forgive.
We are many, at distinct levels of maturity and experience.
We are one, with a free will to read and interpret the Bible for ourselves.
We try to be honest with God. We take responsibility for our actions.
Although we love life, we know there is more.
One day we will trade time for eternity and be reunited with those who have gone before us in a place God has prepared for us.
Even with our faults, when we meet him face-to-face, I believe God will open his arms and welcome us, saying, “Come in. I am so glad to see you.”

by Wayne Brady

Published January 20, 2010 in the Press-Register

The newspaper for Mobile, Alabama

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