Have you ever watched a Hallmark movie? In many, if not most, the plot centers on a protagonist who has lost touch with someone he should cherish and want to be with. Most of the time the separation is the choice of the protagonist but sometimes the decision is by others.

Watching these movies, I have been amazed when a person would get so disenchanted or frustrated about something that he would cut off all communication with someone that he should otherwise be bound to forever, either by blood or relationship.

I shouldn’t be surprised with these plots because they only reflect real life situations. I personally know too many families with estranged members; sons, daughters, parents, siblings, other relatives, or past friends. Until recently, I didn’t fully comprehend how people could live a lifetime of separation. No, not until it happened to me.

I have several people who I was very close to who have decided that I am not worth their time or trouble. I don’t live in a fantasy land and I understand that my words and actions set in motion their decision. My being sorry or my apologies are not enough to restore our fellowship, maybe one day. Until then I am forced to carry on without their smile, without their touch, without their fellowship; without them.

It’s bad enough that they have stopped communication with me but I really don’t understand why they have severed ties with Carolyn, my wife.

Since I have lived my life as “Mr. Fix-it,” I am at a loss for how to resolve the problems when all communication is cut-off. I am told that in time some may review their decision and consider allowing me back in their life.

Now, when I see other families with estranged members, I will understand their pain and know better how to pray.

I do not write this to gain sympathy for my plight but to help others who may be struggling because they don’t get to be with someone they treasure. Please know that God has not forgotten you. He will send others to fill the void. No, it’s not the same as what you have lost but it is God telling you that you are loved and that He will take care of you. Be thankful for every person God brings through your life.

Father, I pray that you fix hearts, show me what I can do, and restore the joy of renewed fellowships in our life with families and friends. I also ask you to minister to all who read these words, in Jesus’ name!

Wayne Brady 9/21/2013

2 thoughts on “My Life is a Hallmark Movie

  1. sorry for your pain. I cannot imaging cutting you and Carolyn out of our lives. We don’t see you often enough, but you are in our hearts! We love you both! —Wesley says we ARE visiting this invite!

  2. WAYNE, you are a dear sweet nephew, and Carolyn is a love too!! Can t believe your friends have turned aside, its their lose !!!!

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