While still lying in bed this morning, I spoke to God like I normally do, as I would to a best friend. In a soft calm voice I said, “I am sorry Father for being the way I am and causing so many misunderstandings, I really don’t want to be that way.”

At that point, He interrupted and responded, “Don’t apologize for who you are, that is reflection on Me and what I have done for you. Are you perfect? In your eyes, no. Am I satisfied with you? Yes.”

Then He said, “Take some time to think on my comments and always remember that I adopted you, I came to you, and I love you. No matter what you think, you are my child forever. Now, share with others”

Wow, the most powerful being in all of forever talking to me, a simple man from a simple place during a simple time. Why would he do that? It is simple (pardon the pun). There are more of us than there are of perfect people. In fact, there are no perfect people.

We are all the result of our own God instilled personalities, a product of our environment, and a mixture of every encounter we have had with others throughout our lives.

The way I interpret God’s words to me is that I am to always be mindful of Him, always there encouraging me, forever rooting for me, and always bragging on me.

All we have to do to better understand this is to think about our own children or other significant people in our lives (mother, father, brothers, sisters, special friends, etc.). No matter how imperfect they are, they are always 100% acceptable to us.

I am not saying this to allow us an excuse to do anything we want. We are to listen to God and others who care for us without reservation and be aware when we need to do some things better. Just like a good friend, God is patient and forgiving, and always has our best interest at heart!

Father, I ask that You continue to deal with me, that you never give up on me, and that You never give up on anyone who reads these words. Father, I don’t know why You are the way You are but I am thankful that You are. I Love You in Jesus’ name!

Wayne Brady 9/22/2013

3 thoughts on “God Knows You

  1. I love you and Carolyn, but because of my poor eyesight I have a very difficult time reading your interesting blogs because of the very small print and dark blue background.I use a magnifying glass and that helps some. Your family is very special to me.

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