I am a product of the Most-High God’s loving kindness for one of His own.

Some may look at me and say, “He is not such a much,” and seeing what many have accomplished; my success is minuscule.

The fact is that even though I don’t deserve more than the next person, my wonderful Father keeps opening doors for me.

I am not a so called “Name it and claim it” Christian but I do expect people to be good to me and for good things to happen to me. Does it always happen? No. Sometimes people treat me really bad. I just tend to not focus on those.

It is amazing how you feel when you walk into a business or a room full of people expecting a smile or positive feedback. That attitude causes me to smile and be nice, most of the time, which helps set the tone for the encounter.

I like receiving smiles which helps me be openly friendly to start a conversation.

What are some of the keys to my life of joy?

  1. Positive attitude: I am just hard headed enough to believe things are going to get better, at least by the next time.
  2. Good work habits: My daddy taught me to work, to do it right, to do a little extra so you will feel good about what you do, and on the job to never look as if you were, “Shot out of a canon at quitting time.” Don’t ever be the first person out of the door.
  3. Willing to learn: Always! You never get too old to learn. We may have difficulty learning some things, but we should keep up with technology. We should always be looking for something different to try. Who knows we may really enjoy it.
  4. Take responsibility for my own success or failure. If I work hard, study long, and be personable with everyone I meet, the odds for success tend to move in my favor. On the other hand, if I am lazy, derelict in my duties, or only do what I have to to get by; I only have myself to blame for the lack of success in my life.
  5. Trust in something bigger than yourself. You are not the biggest component of your life. There is a God who loves you, His creation. He will open doors, He will lead you, and He will direct you to make good decisions. He has for so many others. Why not you?

As Stuart Hamblen so eloquently immortalized after he realized the touch of the Master’s hand:

“It is no secret what God can do

What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you

With arms wide open, He’ll pardon you

It is no secret what God can do”

by Wayne Brady 7/11/2015, updated 11/19/2018

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