This is not a political post but my thoughts about God and Christianity. I accepted Jesus a long time ago and I am of the mind that each of us should make that decision based on our own examinations of the various theories of God’s existence.

I have never been afraid for others to argue a case against my beliefs but atheists don’t seem to share that opinion. It is as if they are afraid if someone hears The Word he will be converted to Christianity. They must believe there is something to reading or hearing God’s Word. They certainly know there is no power in their cold dead words.

I imagine it takes more faith to believe there is no God than to trust in Him after hearing arguments atheists make in support of science.

There is general agreement in the scientific community that there are too many unknowns for anyone to state definitively how earth, life on it, or when and how the universe came to be. They don’t even agree on if the universe began with one event or if there was something before that.

Folks who like to tout science over theology fail to understand that we as Christians don’t have a problem if God decided to start the universe with a big bang that created our solar system with the earth, moon, sun, and cycles for all living things. It makes sense to me that a Master Intelligent being that we know simply as God or Father, designed it all.

We only have to watch one human “Master” of anything working meticulously to develop his creation to understand that we are one complex piece of a “Great Creative Design.”

Science is not our issue. Uncertainty in the scientific community is a problem for scientists and for everyone else.

Cosmologists like to point to the big bang theory that concludes after a cataclysmic explosion, everything as we know it was just here. All of the pieces parts from the explosion randomly settled into a perfect combination that formed the universe, separated the earth off into an exact blend of the elements to support life, started plants growing, and then formed the animal kingdom. Of course man is the highest form of intelligence that we know about complete with a brain to observe the world around him, inquisitive enough to study scientific details of all things, and with great reasoning to judge all he sees.

Such an explosion, defying all laws of physics, to create everything as we know it would be a miracle. And, if there has ever been just one miracle, there could have been others; then all of science is in doubt.

The next two paragraphs of notes and quotes are from the September 2013 on-line issue of Discover magazine. The writer states that Cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin believes the big bang was a series of big bangs that created an endless number of bubble universes.

  • Vilenkin said, “We have very good evidence that there was a Big Bang.”
  • “Vilenkin says . . . The universe had a distinct beginning – though he can’t pinpoint the time. . . he’s found that before our universe there was nothing, nothing at all, not even time itself.”

I think an explosion of nothing in nothing would be to quote William Shakespeare, “Much Ado About Nothing.”

Vilenkin’s assertion that there was no time before the big bang confirms a future God has planned for us when time will again, be no more.

Then there are the atheists who like to call themselves free thinkers, who believe anything scientists say.

Free thinkers definition 1: A person who forms his or her own opinions about important subjects (such as religion and politics) instead of accepting what other people say.

Duh, that’s what we all do. I expect most atheists listen to others and very much form their opinions based on what other unbelievers say. Makes them pretty much like those of us who form our opinions based on the testimony of other believers.

Free thinkers definition 2: One who forms opinions on the basis of reason independently of authority; especially one who doubts or denies religious dogma.

I would say all of us are free thinkers in that sense. A decision on whether to believe or not should be based on our own reasoning looking at as much information as possible versus what someone else says. The difference in believers is that God will speak to the individual, in this case me, and make Himself real to me or you.

By definition, unbelievers cannot see what may be right there in front of them. They should not let obstinacy keep them from God’s promised blessing.

I contend atheists are not free to think what they want at all. They must follow the principles espoused before them or they are wrong. One would think they would be open to allow everyone to think freely but that is not true at all.

They cannot remain in their groups if they begin to doubt their conclusion that there is no God and any reexamination that may result in a belief that there is a God blows their hypocritical minds.

If everyone who calls himself a free thinker comes to the same conclusion, I suggest they are not free thinkers at all but worshippers at a different assemblage.

Most of what I see from atheists is they are intolerable and they like to call Christians hurtful names in an apparent effort to try and prove a point.

God was real clear when He asserted that those who believe in Him must come to Him as a child with complete faith and trust in Him.

Jesus said, “Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3 KJV

I have weighed the arguments and my beliefs are settled. I came through my journey of discovery as an adult and I won’t entertain unbelief. It is not that I am not free to question. It’s just that I am settled in the Truth.

You are free to believe as you want.

Dear friends, scientists merely present limited evidence not actual proof as some claim to argue their theory that they presume we will accept on faith based on their testimony. Evidence is what lawyers argue over to convince a jury to vote their way. Is this a court of scientific opinion?

Then this jurist votes in favor of a one true God. Case closed.

by Wayne Brady 9/10/2015

2 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Just the fact that man has tried, since the beginning of time, and is still trying to prove there is no God (to me God the Father, Son and Holy Sprit) demonstrates that He does exist..! Only believe…have faith…what does even an atheist do in time of need or sorrow…he prays….I chose and choose to believe. Thanks Wayne..really good article.

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