If you were married to Hillary Clinton, where would you be right now?

Would you fly 3,000 miles across the country to schmooze rich and famous people, beg for money, and take selfies?

If my wife had suffered a fainting spell, I would get to her the fastest way I could. I would not leave her side.

Fundraising with elites who care nothing about her health would have to wait.

I would veto any attempt on her part, or anyone else’s who wanted her to leave her bed of rest. I would be in charge of her health care and would stand as her wall of protection until I said she was well enough to go back to her activities.

To those who say I am a male chauvinist and that women don’t need a man’s protection? Hogwash. If it were me having the medical issue, my wife would become the incredible hulk to keep anyone from doing anything that was not in my best interest.

If you were Hillary Clinton, would you want to have family around, or would you prefer to be taken care of by government security agents, or other hirelings?

Whose hand do you want wetting a cloth to soothe your fever?


I want the person who loved me enough to marry me, and who made a lifetime commitment to me and my well-being. I want the person who has been beside me as we guided our children into adulthood. I want that person who laughs with me during fun times, who kisses me passionately when appropriate, and who holds me tenderly to comfort me when issues of life weigh me down.

I want, Carolyn, the love of my life?

Wayne Brady 9/13/2016

PS: I submit, that most of the people Hillary Clinton labeled as deplorable would be there when someone they love is having medical problems. No amount of money not earned could keep them away.

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