The quiet solitude; nothing, then the soft gentle touch of the cool morning air stimulating my senses.

My emotions were nothing like twelve hours earlier. More than one hundred thousand fans shouting for our team, or us singing, “I got friends in low places,” with Garth Brooks, then Alabama’s iconic, “My Home’s in Alabama,” and finally Lynyrd Skynyrd’s, “Sweet Home Alabama.” We were also led through several rock songs that I do not know.

The dichotomy of an uproarious, “Roll Tide Roll,” permeating the air such a short time ago, and now only the occasional soft sound of “Old Glory” moving gently on the giant crane a hundred and fifty feet above my head.

The smooth folding sound of fabric reminded me of my grandmother who, like a fisherman spreading his net, her gently layering my bed with sheets and blankets as she tucked me in for a relaxing night in my “Safe” place.

Emotions, last night the highest, and now the sweetest. God is so good to me.

I am reminded of the eternal love from our Heavenly Father by the earthly example of my father for his son, and my grandmother’s unabated affection for her child’s child. All are unmeasurable, infinite, and without boundaries.

Those are two of the most unselfish assurances that every child should receive. They are perfect examples of God’s Love for us.

I pray that you have received similar assurances from some of the people in your life. If you have not, feel free to contact me, and I will help you.

Wayne Brady 10/23/2017

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