Heaven is not a place for clones.

No, God doesn’t want us to be exactly like anyone else.

Occasionally, I wonder what heaven will be like. Will there literally be streets paved with gold? Will we float around like angels? Will we all look alike? Will we all act alike? Will we all stand around a throne praising God in some-kind-of-a-choreographed ritual?

Before I continue, I must qualify my writing with a disclaimer, “I am not a theologian.”

However, I do believe God speaks to me, and sometimes I hear his voice, turn to give Him my full attention, and listen to what He is saying. This is one of those times.

I do not know what we will be doing in heaven, but there is no reason for any of us to be there, if we all are identical. What value would one be versus another, if there are no differences.

I believe God wants us to be us.

God mixed the ingredients for our mind, body and soul different for each of us. Then he let His process work in us to cause us to be completely different from any other person. He let us be unique, only one of a kind. Why? Because He wants fellowship with each of us on a personal basis.

If we were exactly alike, He would only need one of us. God would not be satisfied if every person worshipped Him out of something other than our Love for Him. That is why He spends a lifetime developing us into the people we eventually become.

When God calls you home, He wants You, not anyone else. I am glad He knows me.

Wayne Brady 8/14/2018

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