Wow, 66 years and still going, a work in progress, too young to give up, and too old to accept failure.

Even though this blog is a new beginning for me, I created it to share some valuable lessons I have learned through my unique experiences.

Who am I?

Wayne Brady

A Husband married to the same woman for nearly four and a half decades

A Father of three and a Grandfather of five, the youngest recently became a score of years old

A country boy who moved from a small Mississippi community where we could not see the next house on the highway to a heavily populated and growing metropolitan area with kids everywhere.  It was wonderful growing up in Prichard Alabama, attending Mobile County public schools and graduating with nearly 450 other like minded classmates.

My daddy often told me that if I learned a trade, that I would always be able to find work.  Growing up in the depression, that was very important to him.  So I listened.  I learned the electrical trade and worked 24 years maintaining equipment to keep industrial plants operating.  Because I knew how to make things work, I discovered an opportunity with a large engineering company where I helped young engineers learn to put theory into practical.

It soon became apparent, if I was going to maintain an impact, I had to upgrade my skills.  I had to go back to school.  So in my forties I started formal studies.  At the age of 52, after eight years at three different schools, I earned an associates degree from Pensacola Junior College and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama.  Little did I know at the beginning how important that learning would become.  It’s not a piece of paper but an addition to my life experience that has served to keep me employable.

Now that I have reached the age where the government says I have earned the right to relax and enjoy my twilight years, I intend to do just that.  But it won’t be by sitting and doing nothing.  No, I intend to keep active working some with industry and working on projects around home but more importantly by sharing through words what God has given me.

Please receive every thing I write with the humble spirit that I offer it in Love for You and in praise of My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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