I get excited when I see you.

When I see someone I love, I get excited. Carolyn and I left home early this morning headed across the bay to run some errands which we decided would include breakfast somewhere special.  Just a few blocks from home I noticed a dark SUV approaching from a side street.  It caught Carolyn off guard as I started frantically blowing the horn.  No, the car was not pulling into our path; I was blowing to get the driver’s attention.

It took Carolyn a second to realize that it was Terri, our daughter, but then she started waving also.  I told her, you better get your phone out of your purse.  Sure enough, in a few seconds her phone started ringing.

Oh the sweetness when we see someone we love in an unexpected setting.

My dad has been gone nearly 30 years this month but I can still remember the warm feeling I got when I would be driving some place and look up and there he was, or the complete fullness of joy when I was a child he would walk in, smile, and hand me his lunch box after a hard day’s work.

I have experienced countless times of joy from seeing a grandchild, a son, a daughter, or a friend in some place I didn’t expect.

My heart surges with heightened energy when I walk in a place and someone who recognizes me says, “Well if it isn’t Wayne Brady,” or “Hey Wayne, come over here and let me introduce you to someone,” or any other happy face greeting.

What do you think?  For me the joy is because someone recognizes me, likes it, and is glad to express their pleasure to me.  No matter my current situation, my face can’t hold back a smile any time someone offers a warm greeting to me.

That said I am just as happy if I see you even if you don’t see me and return the smile.  It is you who excites me.

I am so thankful for all of you who have been a part of my life, you are my joy.  God Bless You!

Wayne Brady 2/1/2014

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